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International Day of Play

We observed the first ever International Day of Play on 11 June 2024, as a celebration of play, it’s benefits and it’s role in pushing potential in all individuals, regardless of age.

Beyond mere recreation, it is a universal language spoken by people of all ages, transcending national, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries. This shared passion fosters a sense of community and national pride…
It also fosters resilience, creativity, and innovation in individuals.

The United Nations

PlayForward 2024

…celebrated (and launched!) the first Inaugural UN International Day of Play in Singapore, transforming the idea of play in professional and educational settings. We welcomed business leaders, innovators, educators, and professionals interested in unlocking the full potential of serious play in professional and personal lives and invited participants to dive into the fun and discover how serious play drives professional and personal development through:

Play is Serious Business

A hybrid panel with play practitioners and business leaders from different countries and break-out discussions using playful methods and approaches, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

Poster PLAY is a Serious Affair (1)

Breath of Play

Experience what it means to play by sampling various play activities that can be
incorporated into your daily life.
In partnership with:

Play is a Serious Affair

In today’s hustle-bustle world, play often gets a bad rap as something trivial or unproductive. But guess what? Tons of research and real-world examples show that play is a secret superpower for achieving organisational outcomes, innovation, learning, well-being, and social connection.

Play Forward 2024 was a transformative event filled with serious fun, inspiring ideas, unlocking these golden insights, and creating meaningful connections. The overwhelming demand at Play Forward shows that play is not just child’s play, but a vital ingredient for progress.

Start today: First step to the benefits of play

Connect with the rest of our play community here and get a COMPLIMENTARY Visual Summary from our panel and breakout discussions.

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