Blended Approach and Description of Our Toolbox

Play versus Serious Play

The opposite of play is not work; the opposite of play is depression.

Stuart Brown, M.D


Introducing to you: Serious play 

Serious and Play together? As ironic as it sounds, let’s unpack this oxymoron. 

The term Serious Play integrates the concept of play with inquiry and innovation methods where this package provides a platform for complex problem solving, especially in work-related contexts. 

Play is an inherent human need, different for everyone and is the universal language to connect people together. Play expands individual potential, improves organisation performance, sparks creativity and innovation, catalyses positive change in group dynamics and sustains authentic connections.

That’s right! Play is good for you and your work! 

While general play is essential for overall well-being, serious play takes it a step further by integrating intentionality and structure with a specific focus to achieve tangible outcomes. Serious play combines the joy and principles of play with purposeful activities designed to solve real-world problems, enhance communication, and foster collaboration.

Why Serious Play?

Through different stimulation, rediscover curiosity, and engage in cognitive, social, & emotional development.

Experience sense of belonging, and connect with others through universal language of play, while appreciating similarities & differences.

Boost employee engagement, motivation and performance through play processes that make the ordinary EXTRAordinary, and enable growth mindset by breaking out of perfectionism.

Through diverse PLAY modalities, better express ideas & contribute to collaborative problem-solving in a secure setting, fostering confidence in capabilities.

Facilitate the formation of better connections, increase standing in both intra and interpersonal relationships.

What Makes Us Different?

Blended approach

A wide variety of frameworks and experiential methods, to cater to diverse learning preferences and needs – visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic – for maximum effectiveness


Every solution is created based on needs, and our participants love the human touch and unique connections in every experience. And when people are able to show up, problems are better addressed and the shared vision comes to life.

Behavioural Science Backed

Not JUST a training/programme. Our programme and product design is anchored on behavioural science to best achieve sustained outcomes, at all 3 stages; pre, during and post programme/product usage

Our Toolbox

Giving you only the best of ALL worlds with a mix of our experiential modalities, rooted in behavioural science principles, to better achieve your objectives.

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